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Working with intermediaries

Based on our personal history working in professional services, we understand the important role intermediaries play for existing firms and during the time of transaction

How we think about working with intermediaries

Consistent with our approach to business, we believe relationships and trust matter. 

We seek to build relationships early, so that together we can discuss potential transactions and the seller's unique needs prior to their business coming to auction.


To facilitate our early conversations, there are answers to frequently asked questions below.

We've also included a way for you to schedule a call with us so we can begin our relationship.



How much capital do you have committed and what's its source?

What industries do you focus on?

What type of deal structure do you typically use?

What will our relationship look like post close?

For our investible capital, we utilize the cash reserves from our existing platforms.

These reserves represent enough capital for us to confidently write the full equity check for any deal in our target range.

On a deal by deal basis, we may also include other co-investors depending on business risk and their ability to provide additive expertise to the target industry or growth opportunity.

We focus on investments within two asset classes: Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Self Storage facilities.

For SMBs, the characteristics of the business and geography matter more to us than the industry. Generally, we find that we are attracted to niche manufacturing and B2B service businesses. 

Truly, one of the most important questions we will ask of your clients (and you) during the deal process is, "What are your personal goals for this transaction?" Their answer to that question will drive our proposed deal structure.

We are able to have this flexibility due to the nature of our capital - from reserves of our existing platforms.

Typical sources include some combination of equity, senior bank debt, seller financing, and earn outs.

For recurring professional services (e.g., lawyers and accountants), we recognize the concern that any transition can pose a risk to your book of business.

We also recognize the importance of maintaining continuity and working closely with those who know the business best.

We are always open to the conversation about maintaining the business' existing service providers post ownership transition.

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